Tips For Picking a Good Blog Name

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Picking a blog name can be difficult at times, especially when the niche is very high in competition and there aren't any good blog names available.
Well, don't get worried because my short article will help you to pick a good blog name.
  • The domain should be easy to remember, this helps your visitors to remember the name and to visit back later for more interesting articles.
    If it is hard to remember then you will unfortunately be losing upcoming traffic for your blog.
    Taking in mind that it is much easier when you advertise your blog, you would like people around the world to remember your blog name when taking a glance at your ad.
  • Your domain name should be short; this also helps people to remember your blog name.
    I know it's tricky to get a high-quality domain with less characters, this shouldn't get you worried because there are many out there that are available.
    Try to avoid using long domains; Long domain names get spelled wrong when typing in the browser.
    I suggest your domain name should be less than 10 characters.
  • Your domain name may contain a hyphen between words.
    Your domain will stand out more if you have two words or more with a hyphen in between.
    It will be much easier to remember how the domain is written and if you use a keyword, it will get you ranked high in search engines.
  • Your domain name may contain a popular domain extension such as.
    org Most bloggers prefer this because it makes the blog look professional with a short extension.
    I'm not saying you won't get visitors, I'm saying it looks simple and cleaner if you use a popular domain extension.
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