How to Play "Lifestealer" in DotA

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    • 1). Load "DotA" and enter, or create, a game.

    • 2). Choose the Lifestealer as your hero. Before leaving the starting area, request to team up with a ranged hero. Also, before leaving your team's shop area, purchase two Gauntlets of Strength for extra health and damage, as well as healing items, such as Ancient Tango of Essifation or healing salve.

    • 3). Place a point into Rage or Open Wounds at level one. This will help you with survival and to slow down enemy players.

    • 4). Play conservatively and cast Rage if you are being attacked by magic heroes.

    • 5). Learn Infest at level six, which will allow you to hide inside enemy units and heal yourself.

    • 6). Purchase a Hyper Stone and Armlet of Mordiggian to increase your attack speed and give you more life steal with every attack.

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