A Proposal For The Calculation Of Wear

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For a long time mechanical engineers have been ignoring the calculation of wear in the finite element analysis. They viewed finite element analysis as just a means of determining the loads required for design analysis. There has been no concern on the calculation of wear between surfaces in contact. After the load distribution is calculated by the finite element analysis, those loads are usually used to calculate an elaborate element of the structure. Sometimes fatigue is evaluated to estimate the life of the structure but the effects of wear are usually assumed to be less important and hence have no impact on the performance of the product (Dowson 124)

In the last few years, the mechanics and impact of wear have become better understood and critical in some disciplines like biomedical applications especially in joints replacements. It is therefore important to understand how the wear of these structures can be calculated and reduced. Due to complexity of geometrics for tribological systems, in this paper we are going to consider the use of finite element analysis in the calculation of wear (John & Kathryn p1).

Thesis Statement

The thesis of the research to be undertaken will be the procedure that can be applied in calculation of wear of a structure.


The purpose of the research study will be to come up with the right equations, theories and assumptions needed in determining the effects of loadings on structures. More specifically, identifying a simple method that mechanical engineers can use to calculate the wear between surfaces in contact. To accomplish this, qualitative approach will be used in the research.

Research Objectives

Depicted above is the aim of the research and the following are the research objectives:

1.         Analyze the mechanisms of wear.

2.         Identify the classifications of wear in mechanical engineering.

3.         Discuss the application of Archard equation in calculation of wear.


A good method that is applied to determine pressing a motionless pin using a pre-load into the surface of a rotating disc

Non-lubricated wear leads to destruction of surfaces

Archard equation helps to solve most problems relating to wear

Research Methodology

The methodologies to be used will be figures and mathematical equations as well as written text. Some methods such as table regression, testing data will be applied to support the hypothesis. Specific methodology for this research will be literature review of various authors who have previously tacked this topic.

Data testing and actual investigation of the status of various structures will be carried out. This will involve the work of engineers and other experts in the calculation of the various levels of friction, surface area, and load among other elements in structures so as to be able to give accurate statistics for testing. The use of modern facilities will also be adopted in calculation of the various elements so as to facilitate the attainment of viable results.

Significance of Research

This study is important to both engineers and non-engineers. Engineers will use this research to add their database of knowledge and applications in the calculation of wear in the finite element analysis. It is also important to medical practitioners as they can use it in determining the wear of medical equipments for proper care of their patients. This research will also improve students' knowledge in the field of engineering as they will now be able to calculate the effects of wear in all structures that are in contact to each other. The research will greatly give knowledge on the real mechanics of wear thus be able to abolish the null assumptions by engineers regarding wear. A true picture on the effect of wear on different architectural and engineering structures will also be calculated thus giving information on the mitigation measures (Hutchings 243).

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