Cheap Inkjet Cartridges - A Buying Guide For Consumers

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The price you pay for an inkjet printer is probably one of the least relevant factors when considering the true cost of operating it over time.
You need to include in costs like paper and ink to find out what that bargain printer really costs.
Here's some information about cheap inkjet cartridges for UK consumers.
Apples to Apples When you're shopping for an inkjet printer, it's not easy to dig up the all information you need to make an informed buying decision.
Unlike other items like major appliances and automobiles, the operating cost of an inkjet printer is rarely stated.
Also, the cost of consumables like paper and ink is never stated.
It's left to consumers to find that information on their own.
Sticker Shock To borrow a term from automobile sales, many inkjet printer owners do experience sticker shock when they need to replace their ink cartridges.
Printer ink is likely to cost them many times over the price of the printer.
In effect, the printer is a "loss leader," sold at or near cost.
It's the printer cartridges where the true profits lie.
Consumers, however, have begun to fight back against advertising that doesn't tell the whole story.
The manufacturers are quick to cite features such as the number of pages printed per minute of the time take to print a photo of a given size or the resolution obtained when printing at a specific density.
But it's nearly impossible to find information anywhere about the cost and yield of an ink cartridge.
In these cases, try to find out the part number of the cartridge and then look it up on one of the many Internet web sites that specialise in ink cartridges.
You also may be able to search by the printer's make and model.
Ultimately, you'll learn that you have three choices: new, compatible and remanufactured.
Each choice has a different price point, with remanufactured being the cheapest ink cartridges.
Do the Math Typical prices for inkjet ink cartridges are £14 to £19 for black and £22 to £38 for colour.
Bear in mind that some printers require multiple (as many as 3) colour cartridges.
While paper is cheap and plentiful, if you're planning on printing photos, you'll need special paper that can cost up to £0.
65 per sheet.
These figures send most consumers scurrying for ways to save money.
One of the best ways to do so is to use cheap inkjet cartridges that are widely available on the Internet for as little as £1.
00 to £10.
This strategy helps keep the cost of operating an inkjet printer under control while saving consumers as much as 85% if they buy cheap printer ink cartridges.
So when you're shopping for a new printer, do some digging into the facts and know that you'll be able to save significant sums by using cheap inkjet cartridges that are widely available in the UK.
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