How to Transfer Property in Kentucky

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    • 1). Obtain the appropriate deed transfer instrument, either a quitclaim deed or general warranty deed. Forms for these deeds can be purchased in most office supply stores or found at the county recorder's office or a law library.

    • 2). Complete the transfer document. Include the name of the grantor or person who is transferring the property, the name of the grantee or person receiving the property, the amount of consideration or purchase money, the addresses of both parties, the legal description of the property being transferred and the physical address of said property.

    • 3). Take the completed transfer deed to a licensed Kentucky notary public. Have the notary public verify each party's identification with at least one form of government-issued identification card, such as a driver's license, social security card or passport. Sign the transfer instrument with the notary as a witness and have her stamp her seal on it.

    • 4). File the completed, notarized transfer document with the county recorder's office in the same Kentucky county in which the property is located. Pay the appropriate filing fee and get a copy of receipt from the recorder's office. Make three copies of the instrument: one for each party and one as a back-up or file copy.

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