Ways to Prepare for Your Eye Doctor Visit

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If you need to see an eye doctor soon to test your vision, there are a few things you can do to make the visit go smoothly. Preparing can help you get what you need out of the appointment, helping you make the most of your time. Learn a few steps to take before you visit your practitioner.

You should make sure the eye doctor you have chosen takes your insurance. You can usually call and ask about this or even check the website. Once you find this out, you can rest assured at least some of the appointment will be covered. Plus, you can often tell the office staff your insurance information ahead of time so you do not have to do it at the visit. Just keep in mind that many offices will still require you to bring your card that shows you are insured so they can photocopy it.

After you know your insurance is accepted, you should find out what it covers. For example, if you just need your vision checked so you can get a prescription, you should find out if you have a copay for the appointment. Then learn how much glasses will cost you, as well as contacts if you wear them. Some plans allow you to get either glasses or contacts free each year, while others cover a set amount of the cost. If the latter is the case for you, it is time to look at the amount you will spend on glasses and contacts. You can ask your eye doctor for price estimates before buying anything.

Many doctors encourage patients to have their eyes dilated for their exam. This can help them identify issues that can only be seen when the eyes are dilated. Though you might not be required to do it at every visit, your practitioner may urge you to have it done. If so, you might need someone to drive you home if it is bright out since your eyes will be sensitive to the sun. At the very least, you should bring sunglasses with you to block out the rays and reduce the chances of having to squint on the way home.

Fortunately, it does not take much time to plan so you feel fully prepared for your visit to the eye doctor. Most of these tasks take minutes and can be done prior to your appointment with a few simple phone calls. They should help you feel more at ease when you arrive, so consider these tips before you go.
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