PAT Testing - Why You Should Meet Your PAT Tester First

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PAT Testing is an important part of workplace health and safety in the UK, but sometimes the quality of the company conducting the PAT Testing can be overlooked.
The majority of businesses that book a PAT Tester to conduct their PAT Testing won't meet up with the company, or a representative from it, initially.
This is a grave mistake that could cost you dear.
When you run a business and you seek a new accountant, solicitor, marketer or plumber do you ring a load of numbers in the phone book or pick a company off the internet and just say "the job's yours"? So why do you do it with a PAT tester.
Just like when choosing your accountant or solicitor, you want to meet them first; invite them to your place of work, show them around so they know what they are quoting for and get to know them - people buy people.
Why get someone to provide you with a service if you don't get on? When you 'employ' a PAT testing company you are inviting them into every single area of your business, you're letting them go into places even some staff aren't allowed - server rooms for example, so you have got to know they can be trusted, and you need to know that they know what they are doing.
That is essential.
Are you aware that it is not uncommon for a PAT Tester with limited experience to simply disconnect a server without checking with anyone first - how many problems will that cause your business? It's also not uncommon for PAT Testers to chop plugs of items that fail, meaning not only do you have to get the item fixed, but you have to re-wire the plug too.
Where an appliance fails we will mark it as such, we will remove the fuse in the plug so it can't be used accidentally and we will give the said item to our contact within your business, explaining to them why the item has failed and what they should do with it.
Also, by meeting the PAT Tester you will know if they are going to provide an honest reliable service - your instinct will tell you that.
Arrange to meet with your PAT Tester, sit down, have a coffee and discuss your PAT Testing requirements with them.
Follow this check list: > Make sure they do visual inspections correctly (ask them to show you if you like) > Ask what software they use - you want to know you'll get genuine electrical results > See examples of the certificates you will receive > Ask how many items they can test in 1 hour: 20-50 should be the max (50 if doing IT equipment outside office hours) > Discuss Frequency - it's probable you won't need annual testing
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