Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts For Your Fabulous Friends

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Your wedding day is on its way; I'm sure you can't wait to finally wear your elegant wedding dress and walk down the aisle.
Before you enter the next chapter in your adult life as a married woman, thank the most important girls of your life by giving them small tokens of friendship.
After all, they deserve it for all the wonderful memories you've shared and for sticking with you no matter what.
They were all there crying with you when your heart got stumped, lending you their advice when you were in trouble, and cheering you up when you were convinced everything was going wrong.
In other words, you owe them a lot.
Choosing gifts for your bridesmaids is not a difficult thing to do.
It doesn't require a budget either.
The only requirement for any gift to become special is that it should come from the heart.
I just blurted out a cliche line but there's no other way to do it.
So how do you make gifts that "come from the heart"? Well, the answer is simple: personalize them.
To make it easier, I came up with some ideas for personalized items to give your bridesmaids on your wedding day.
Bridesmaid Compact Mirror This tops my list of bridesmaid gift items.
Your bridesmaids will be checking their makeup regularly before, during, and after your wedding reception.
Why not give them a small compact that opens into a mirror.
There are many styles available, some have crystals and other colorful gems.
Choose the one that reflects your bridesmaid's personality and style.
To make this gift special, engrave their names or a short message ("Jen-for all the good memories") at the back.
Cosmetic Case This would instantly become your bridesmaids' best friend (well, next to you of course).
Give them a funky or classy cosmetic case to keep their makeup essentials organized.
Whether they are attending a cocktail party or going on a camping trip, the cosmetic case would become their lifeline.
Have their names or initials embroidered on it and viola- It becomes priceless.
Friendship Bracelet Friendship bracelets are not the most unique item to give your friends.
In fact it is quite typical and outdated, don't you think? But that is the beauty of it! It is a classic, traditional gift that symbolizes friendship.
I bet you still haven't given them any all these years! Browse online and you will see that there are thousands of styles ranging from quirky to elegant.
For your bridesmaids, I recommend customized bracelets with white pearls or crystals.
Their initials can also be engraved on them.
Personalized Tote Every woman loves bags.
Your gift doesn't have to be made by a fancy designed for it to become a treasure.
Even an inexpensive one would make their hearts skip if they see their names or initials engraved or printed on it.
You can even have a photograph of you turned into a funky tote.
Tote bags come in so many styles and varieties, the possibilities are endless Personalization is the key element for regular gifts to become extraordinary.
This makes the recipients feel special because you went the extra mile to make the items unique.
With these gifts, your bridesmaids would surely feel appreciated.
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