2012 - Dreaming a New World Into Existence

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Many people are a little apprehensive about the year 2012.
The doomsdayers have predicted all kinds of cataclysmic events.
Even Hollywood has lined up some depressing movies to feed the universal fear that prevails.
But nature is slow and thorough.
Have you ever known the seasons to start exactly on their official dates? Have you noticed summer start precisely on June 21st? No to begin with we have the odd warm day in May, then these become more frequent as we move into the end of May beginning of June.
So to imagine that on the 1st Jan 2012, things will suddenly change, is implausible.
From where I am sitting, things are already changing.
Slowly by slowly we are watching the global financial markets tumble, the odd earthquake here and there, the belching volcanoes, extreme weather etc All these changes are pointing to one thing.
There has to be a complete change in consciousness and a change in our understanding of life and energy, if we are to survive and thrive as a human species.
If this change is successfully handled, then it is a win win situation for all sentient beings on the planet.
The old paradigm that puts man as the superior being who can lord it over the other kingdoms, the mineral, animal, vegetable and less developed human kingdom is slowly dying a death.
The new paradigm is already beckoning.
Humanity will now see how we are all called to beco-creators.
Every kingdom in nature has a part to play in the healing of the planet.
Nature is to be respected, protected and loved if we are to see its full development.
And the same for all the other kingdoms.
Prophecies can be self-fulfilling.
When we expect something to happen, it is more than likely to happen.
By expecting it, we can almost bend events to make things happen.
And if we are doing this collectively, the results can be devastating.
To counteract the negative vibes surrounding the coming of the year 2012, we need to band together to create a compelling, peaceful, vibrant future for the planet.
The lesson we are all learning is unity, brotherhood, peaceful coexistence.
If the new world is going to be ushered in, then the old world will have to be dragged away screaming and shouting.
Those who cannot embrace the new paradigm of brotherhood and sisterhood will feel uncomfortable.
The changes I foresee are energetic.
Planet Earth is going to vibrate at a higher frequency.
This will mean that a large measure of world karma will be paid off.
Beyond 2012, the transformation will continue as Mother Earth quickens her vibration.
The heavy vibrations of the past will not be tolerated as more of humanity changes paradigm.
On a personal level, it is important to spend time visualising, imaging a peaceful world full of light.
By holding this vision for the world we are 'putting it out there' Gradually more and more people will pick up on it and more will open up to the new, energetic world.
The choice is ours.
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