Social Hijacking

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Social hijacking is defined as: slow manipulation into social isolation.

Without knowing it themselves men have to deal in female relationships with this more than they could imagine.

If you are in a long-term relationship/marriage and slowly went into social isolation a big chance is that you have been betaised by her by the means of social hijacking.

This is in most of the cases totally unconscious from the female but it may have deleterious consequences for your material interests and your mental health.

Remember that in most of the cases if a woman is doing this to you it means that she values you a lot and is attracted to you.

There are other minor cases where she does that consciously but you better let those women.. to me.

This process is encountered both when you meet her in the Playboy role and when you are with her as a Provider.

There are slight differences between these two situations and the means used to put social hijacking into practice are very similar in both.

It is in the female instinct to use all the means at disposal to isolate your sperms so that she can avoid having to share them with her competition.

So the more she is attracted to you the more she will put social hijacking into practice.

Social hijacking is performed by creating a Double Standard in regard to how her social relationships and your social relationships are evaluated.

When this Double Standard is being created smoothly by her slowly her friends become:

- Marvelous
- Always right on everything
- Fantastic
- Know how to dress well
- Are intelligent and polite

Your friends slowly become:

- Jerk
- Non intelligent
- Socially inept
- Immoral
- Corrupted

And so on

At this point the process follows the same lines as when she is gaining power on you by using her drama. The only difference is the subject of it: your social circle.

When you start to argue with her:

Guy:"My friend Mike is a great guy.. you cannot judge him only because he drinks little bit more."

Which is a common AFC mistake: start to argue with a woman about something!

She:"Your friend Mike is disgusting. I feel very bad about him. How can you like him? You must be of the same low level like him. He is disgusting.."

She repeats this slowly with every friend of yours.

The meaning of it is the same like with any other manipulation attempt: after having classified you as Alpha she decides in her mind are you Playboy material or Provider material.

In the case she decided that you are Playboy material and she is sexually attracted to you she will use social hijacking to manipulate you into being her exclusive Lover.

This is not in conflict with the notion of Social Proof in fact she will evaluate are you able to make her girlfriends horny but these will be HER girlfriends, not YOUR friends.

If she has classified you as Provider material - regardless of did she do this consciously - (without attraction) - or was she attracted to you from the beginning she will use social hijacking in a very massive way on you.

The meaning of this is of course the same like with every female manipulation. If you will let her do the social hijacking her sexual attraction will drop faster than a comet falling from the sky.

If you are able to resist this and keep your own frame she will feel her horniness for you raising to the point that it can drive her crazy and - at the same times - she will escalate the attempts to socially hijack you and escalate her drama.

In women with very good self-esteem this can assume extremely intellectual and philosophical forms (fake logic) and it could become easily:

She: "Your friend Mike is a great guy but I noticed that he is little bit envious of you. I think this may be due to his disturbed mother relationship."

This social hijacking is dangerous: it bring you to a divorce situation where you loose half of your assets and find yourself totally isolated from the world, except for long long hours on the business place.

When you slowly learn how to read female psychology the quality of your female relationships becomes better and better. You learn how to read women in the right way and deal with processes like social hijacking properly.

In my Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys there is extensive information about female psychology and the art of keeping a woman happy and sexually satisfied in a marriage.

My last book Getting the good girls is a manual of pickup for men who are looking for women fit for committed relationship.

Cheers, Franco

Pick-up, Seduction and Female Relationship Coaching for Men
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