5 Irresistibly Easy Guitar Songs You Can Play Now!

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Read this article and discover 5 easy guitar songs for beginners that you can play right away.
I am sure that your ultimate goal is to play your favorite songs on guitar.
So if you are looking for easy songs to learn on guitar for beginners you are in the right place.
Easy to Learn Guitar Songs for Beginners The following are good beginner songs that you can learn on guitar: Sunshine of Your Love - Eric Clapton (Cream) This song is great for beginners that play electric guitar.
Not only is it easy to play, but also teaches you about string bending, power chords, minor pentatonic and lead guitar.
Wonderwall - Oasis If you are starting out and acoustic guitar accompanied with strumming is your thing, then you are going to love this song.
By the time you are done, you will an idea of strumming, chord library and knowledge of the guitar capo.
Stand by Me - Ben E.
The 60s were a great time; they gave birth to this lovely song that you can play today, right now.
I like it because it helps you gain a deeper understanding of barre chords, chord progressions along with treble and bass line guitar picking.
Wipeout - Surfaris This song has a fast tempo; don't let that scare you though.
Be that as it may, every beginner should learn to play it.
Due to its nature, it requires plucking the string notes really quickly.
So you will just have to take baby steps and then advance your plucking speed.
Twist and Shout - The Beatles This song is nothing but classic; that is if you are into classic songs.
Guess what, you don't even need to be a rocket scientist to play this song.
All you need is basic knowledge about open string chords, strumming and bass walk.
Conclusion Guess what friend, the more songs you play and the more you practice, the better you'll get.
Don't get too hang up on the theory for now; learn beginner guitar songs to boost your confidence then learn the theory later.
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