Thoughts on Web Design For an Online Think Tank

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How can an Online Think Tank deploy a strategy through proper website design in order to foster collaboration and diversity of members? Is it really possible to have a website that can do all that? Well, why not employ the Think Tank itself to come up with an adequate design? Perhaps what is needed is a place for academics, scientists, engineers to come together and discuss things? Later it could add something like this as a place for Artists, Contractors, and Entrepreneurs.
Thus, simulating an Online Geological Society, with links to those who can answer questions (like Yahoo Answers) for instance.
The United States of America need not lose its innovative edge to a China or India, just because they have more people to draw from.
Our best asset we must not squandered.
One member said that the Think Tank should streamline easy routes to get ideas from weed to seed and into free markets.
I agree that we MUST match the entrepreneurial capitalists with the innovators and get everyone talking.
We need to merge domain knowledge with thinkers, to really get to how innovation really occurs.
What about security of data from malware? Very good point and this is a first priority, as currently, we are moving to an upgraded Bulletin Board Forum, due to the hackers.
They are just destroying everything.
Someone needs to get these folks before they ruin the entire Internet? Which makes another something of another comment; Internet II.
That is to say remove from the Internet.
Access into the system, then transferred out, where security is not at risk.
What ever system is designed or considered, it needs to be user friendly? Perhaps choosing to operate the website in sub-sections and finding partners who are interested in operating that portion? Currently I have been traveling full time around North America and indeed I am not a Computer Engineer or guru of such systems.
I understand the theories and how they work and definitely know what is needed, but that would be the limit of my expertise in the computer area.
I am much better finding Geniuses, recruiting and innovating myself.
Those designing such systems need to be wise enough to consider their skill sets and work with each other to insure usability and user friendliness, not just function ability.
Well, I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought.
The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007.
I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.
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