How to Make a Superman Belt

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    • 1). Measure the length and width of the slide clasp belt. Multiply the width by two, and add 1/2 inch. Multiply the length by two, and add 1 inch.

    • 2). Cut the yellow duct tape to these measurements, adding a second piece if needed to achieve the width measurement.

    • 3). Remove the slide clasp from the belt. Place the belt face up on a flat surface. Press the sticky side of the duct tape onto the belt. Wrap the duct tape around the belt, keeping the seam on the wrong side of the belt.

    • 4). Cut a 3-inch square from a piece of poster board, and cover both sides of the square with yellow tape. Cut one corner from the square, 1 inch from the corner point.

    • 5). Position the square on a flat surface, with the cut-off corner representing the top edge of Superman's insignia shield. Draw the letter "S" freehand inside the shield with a red marker.

    • 6). Replace the slide clasp on the belt. Attach the insignia shield to the belt with double-stick tape.

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