What Is Myinternetbusiness? An Explanation For Internet Marketing Newbies.

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The simple truth that Internet Marketing newbies need to realize when they are researching Internet Marketing businesses is that the majority of people out there advertising their services as Internet Marketing professionals have absolutely no idea how to make money online.

To facilitate their introduction into the Internet Marketing industry, many different business systems have been developed by a variety of companies to help inexperienced people to start and grow an internet business as quickly and easily as possible.

The system offered by MyInternetBusiness is an excellent example of such a system and serves as a relevant example to explain to newcomers to internet marketing how such a system operates and what to look for in offerings from other companies.

There are 3 main components that must be present in any reputable Internet Marketing system, namely Training, Products and Automation.

You won't get the full benefit of each of these components individually. It's sort of like having a car and a set of wheels. Each are useless without the other.


With a good Training program, you will learn the techniques and strategies required to start and grow your internet business. MyInternetBusiness provides members with:

- Regularly updated video tutorials, so you can get an "over-the-shoulder" view of how the experts actually do it.

- Training resources and marketing materials that you can download for free and read/listen/watch at your own pace.

- Exclusive access to regular live and recorded conference calls and interactive training webinars, teaching you the various techniques and strategies of effective marketing.

- Personal mentoring by someone who has successfully gone through the process of setting up and running a profitable internet marketing business.


The Products provided by MyInternetBusiness consist of a vast library of e-books, videos, audios and other products that can be sold via the built-in member retail centre or a members individual website.

The most profitable product, of course, is membership to the MyInternetBusiness system itself, which is based on a 4-tier membership structure depending on what level of compensation and business services you are after.


The Automation is probably the most crucial component which affords members the time freedom they were most likely after in the first place.

MyInternetBusiness has various systems in place which for a small monthly fee, provide members with their own pre-built landing pages, customized autoresponder and business tours which allow them to market this business opportunity to prospects without the usual cold-calling and hard-selling.

Furthermore, the system also provides members with their own designated Personal Business Assistant who can take calls from prospective clients, answer any of their questions, and close the sale.

If setup correctly, members of MyInternetBusiness can have an almost 100% automated system that makes them money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

So, whenever you are looking for an Internet Marketing or any home-based business to join, make sure that they at least have all the various key components in place before you sign up.
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