Child Check-In Software - A Reality For Churches In 2014

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There is a good reason why church management systems today come complete with child check-in software! If your church is not already using child check-in software - here's why it should! Unfortunately, we are living in a world where divorce is commonplace, and so are consequent custody battles.
That makes caring for the security of children in churches an increasingly complex task.
What is the procedure in your church if a parent who hasn't got a custody over a child comes to pick him up? Do your volunteers know how to deal with such situations? If your church is using ID cards, do they know what to do when someone claims that he has lost his card? Is the data about things such as a child's allergies and similar issues readily available to those who need to know about it? The danger is real and imminent.
Each day, in the US alone, about a thousand children get abducted - by their own family members.
More than a thousand crimes, including violent crimes, get committed against churches and ministries in one year.
In case of emergency, what is the procedure that your church has in place in order to keep an accurate roster of all children when needing to evacuate the church space? Paper-based check-in procedures don't cut it any more.
Churches should represent a place of comfort.
Creating a secure environment for everyone is of the paramount importance.
Protecting the most vulnerable members of your ministry - the children - must be a priority.
You want your church to be and feel as a true safe haven, and also to protect it from legal liabilities if anything bad happens in the church to any of its members.
Accidents can, and do happen: being prepared for when they occur is the most you can do.
The danger for children may be lurking just around the corner - literally.
Child predators are not passing over your church either - quite contrary, they prefer to operate in places like church.
You want to keep your church open for everyone - but you also want to protect children.
Are you having a busy ministry? Is your church able to handle additional visitors? How well can your current child check-in system scale? As your church grows, its potential security weaknesses are inevitably coming into a sharper focus.
Don't wait for an unfortunate accident to happen before considering the implementation of a bulletproof child check-in system!
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