The Essentials Of Baby Shower Etiquette

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Any social event needs to have some etiquette and a baby shower should be no exception as far as baby shower etiquettes are concerned.
Although each state or country has its own set of etiquettes, there are certain features that are common to all countries and you should follow them at any shower celebrations.
Appropriate Time The first aspect of etiquettes for this party should be the timing of the pregnancy celebration.
The most common practice is to hold it about a month or two before the expected arrival of the baby.
If you have the event too close to the actual time of delivery, the mother-to-be for whom the celebration is to be organized would not be able to enjoy it fully.
Moreover, holding it too early in the pregnancy might not exhibit the full impact.
It Should Be Celebrated For Every Pregnancy Shower etiquettes demand that shower celebrations should be organized for each pregnancy and not only for the first-born babies.
Every pregnancy heralds the arrival of a new baby in this world and exhibits the marvels of nature and the gift of the creator of this universe.
What better reason can there be to celebrate? As such, every pregnancy needs a celebration with equal pomp and happiness.
Who Will Host The Party? Baby shower is a time to celebrate the arrival of a new member of the family, society or the world at large.
Any one connected with the family can host the party, whether a relative or a colleague of the expectant mother.
However, a close friend of the expectant mother normally hosts it.
Incorporating Games In The Party Playing games at any party always increases the fun.
It brings out the feeling of happiness that everyone must be feeling, especially so at a baby shower.
However, it is not essential to play games at such an occasion as etiquettes demand that you give priority to food, drinks and conversation.
It would be a good idea if you have a special book and ask the guests to write messages and comments for the would-be mom.
Selecting Proper Gifts Etiquettes for shower celebrations demand that you give gifts that would be useful to the baby.
Items that would be useful for the baby everyday would be ideal gifts such as feeding bottles, diapers, baby blankets and bibs.
Moreover, if you do not know the sex of the baby, etiquette demands that you select gifts with neutral colors so that the baby, irrespective of its sex, can use them.
How Many Guests Should You Invite? There is no hard and fast rule about etiquettes regarding the number of guests at a shower party.
However, normally the number of guests should be about twenty though that can vary depending upon how many people you can accommodate at the venue of the party.
You should remember that respecting norms makes life easier and sets you apart as a responsible member of the society.
If you wish that your baby shower is successful and the guests enjoy it, you should follow the above baby shower etiquettes.
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