Bass Guitar Tabs - Your Top Questions Answered

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In this article I'll be answering a few of the most popular questions regarding bass guitar tabs.
How to read them, how they differ from regular tabs, places to find them online and a few examples of easy bass tabs you can start playing today.
We will start with how bass tabs differ from regular guitar tabs.
Bass tabs are slightly different than regular guitar tabs because a bass guitar only has 4 to 5 strings whereas a regular guitar has 6.
Also chords are not usually played on a bass like a guitar, scales are performed to produce bass riffs.
This slightly changes bass tabs from guitar tabs.
When reading bass tabs the notes are set from highest to lowest.
A fret (which is usually are metal bars that go vertically across the neck of the guitar separating it into equal segments) is defined by numbers; 0 equals open or do not press any note, 1 would be an F, 2 an F# and so on.
Here's a rough diagram below:
D|- B|- A|-0-0-0-- E|5-6-7- The numbers are the fret you play going towards the frame from the head.
And that would be the E key.
If this seems confusing to you find more description on the parts of the guitar by searching online on the subject of guitar theory.
As far as where to find some free tabs online you can always try Youtube.
Just type "bass guitar tabs" into the search box.
There are a few websites you could try also such as www.
or about.
com has a great lessons section too.
Some easy bass songs to get you started are "Longview" by Greenday and "Adams Song" by Blink 182.
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