What Is Paracetamol?

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Updated January 01, 2014.


Paracetamol is another name for acetaminophen, the active ingredient in the pain-reliever Tylenol. In some other countries, paracetemol is the more commonly used name for acetaminophen, such as in the United Kingdom. While the names may be different, the medication is the same.

Paracetamol carries the same guidelines and warnings as acetaminophen. If you are traveling abroad, and are looking for the generic version of Tylenol, you may need to search for paracetamol instead of acetaminophen.

Pronunciation: pear-uh-see-tuh-mol

Also Known As: acetaminophen, Tylenol

Examples: Paracetamol is another name for the active ingredient in Tylenol.
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