How to Replace a Valve Stem in a Tire

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    • 1). Let the air out of the tire using a valve core removal tool. Turn it counterclockwise until the core comes out.

    • 2). Break the beads with a bead breaker. Hit the back of the bead breaker with a rubber mallet unit you hear popping sounds. Once you hear the popping sounds the beads are broken. This is by far the hardest step.

    • 3). Lubricate the tire with dish-washing soap. Place a large flat head screwdriver between the tire and the rim. Pry the beads over the rim.

    • 4). Remove the old valve stem. Pull the new valve stem through from the inside with the valve core tool.

    • 5). Unscrew the core (counterclockwise) and inflate the tire. There should be more than enough force flowing through to seal the beads.

    • 6). Reinsert the core turning clockwise with the valve stem tool.

    • 7). Check for leaks on the vulvae stem by dripping small amounts of water on it.

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