How to Challenge the Property Tax Value of a Car

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    • 1). Locate the method of value assignment used on the property tax statement. If the property tax statement does not indicate what method was used to assign a value, log on to the tax authority's website to get the information. If the tax authority does not offer the information on the statement or the website, then call during business hours to get the method used to assign value.

    • 2). Verify that the tax authority obtained the correct valuation amount from the source used to assign value. Many tax authorities gain the value of the automobile from the most recent trade-in value assigned by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), which puts out a list of values for every automobile each year. You can purchase a copy of the NADA book and other guidelines that may be used, find them at local libraries or contact a car dealership and ask for the current trade-in value per the specified source used.

    • 3). Obtain a professional appraisal of your automobile, if you feel the damage or wear and tear on your automobile causes its value to be below the assigned amount. Check with your tax authority to determine what constitutes a professional appraisal. For example, an insurance adjuster, independent tax appraiser or even a mechanic may be approved to issue a professional appraisal for your automobile.

    • 4). Complete any necessary paperwork for the tax authority and submit the paperwork required along with your appraisal to the tax authority by the deadline for appeals. The paperwork necessary to file an appeal may be located on the back of your tax statement or may be gained from the tax authority website.

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