Rug Pads: Every Rug Needs A Rug Pad

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When you use an area rug on a floor, having a rug pad is very important. Most people tend to think a rug pad is only used to protect the floor from scratching. Rug pads are an important element in prolonging the life of a rug as well as offering floor protection and comfort.

There are mainly three types of rug pads. All three of these rug pads are for use on hardwood floors and hard floor surfaces such as laminate, tile and marble. One of the three of these rug pads can also be used for rugs on carpet. These rug pads are a recycled jute rug pad that does not contain any rubber, a jute and rubber combination rug pad and an organic polymer non slip rug pad.

The three types of best rug pads to use are composed of different materials. The first offers protection all around as well as a non slip feature. This rug pad is made of needle punched compressed recycled jute along with a solid layer of rubber. The important difference between different pads of this type is that the best rug pad has the rubber attached as a solid layer. Many rug pads resembling this are made with a latex rubber sprayed on to the jute. The spray does not hold as well as the real natural layer of rubber and this could break down and mark your floors over time. You may see the best rug pad of this type for hardwood floors and other hard surfaces at and click on Ultra Premium rug pads.

The next quality rug pad is a great choice for rugs that don't have a sliding issue, mainly room size rugs. This rug pad is the best jute rug pad available. It is made of a needle punched recycled jute that is compressed into 40 ounces of material per square yard. This rug pad provides all the protection a rug pad should without the added non slip feature. It is almost 1/2 of on inch thick and is great for comfort and sound insulation as well. This rug pad is rated excellent for laminate floors where flooring experts warn of putting any rubber or petroleum related products on the floor. Choose this rug pad when sliding is not an issue and when you desire more thickness. This rug pad is mold and mildew resistant and fire retardant. You may view this rug pad at and click Superior rug pads.

Finally, if your rug or area requires a thinner rug pad, we have all seen those waffle looking rug pads that are available. The best thinner non slip rug pad is made of an organic polymer and keeps your rugs from moving while not harming your floors. Many rug pads that look like this one have been known to leave their design on the floor. This is mainly due to the pad being made of an inexpensive latex spray or some sort of pvc material. You may view this rug pad at and click Super Hold rug pads.

Your area rugs are an investment and you should protect them, your floors and your family with the best rug pad. If you skimo and try to save a few dollars, you may find that this will cost you more in the long rug by having premature wear on your rug and possible damage to your floors.
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