WordPress Blog Ideas

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    Industry or Business

    • Consider blogging about the industry in which you work or have a significant amount of interest. Blogging about industry developments adds credibility to your expertise and puts your name out there, while serving as a creative way to network with others in your industry. You can also blog about any hobby or topic you enjoy, such as cooking or coin collecting.

      Many businesses and organizations have blogs covering specific industries or the entity itself. They often address customer issues, cover industry news and detail the latest company events. This sort of blog lets you advertise your company name and products indirectly. WordPress is particularly suited for corporate blogs because of its ease of customization and large number of business-related themes.

    Online Journal

    • You don't have to be famous to publish your diary. While more personal, handwritten journals can't be easily shared with others. If you journal your life on a WordPress blog for your friends and family to read, you can change the privacy settings of each individual post so they remain invisible to everyone but you or registered users if you want secrecy. WordPress also lets you opt-out of search engine indexing during the installation process, telling search engines such as Google not to make your blog available to search users.

    "Anything Goes"

    • If a journal isn't for you, starting an "anything goes" blog allows you to write about anything and everything that comes to mind, or a specific topic. You might find it worthwhile to blog about major events in your life, such as planning your wedding, living in a new city or buying a home. You can also discuss your personal life on an "anything goes" blog as you would a journal, but expand the content to include topics outside your personal life. Some people even create blogs for their pets. The point is to write about whatever you want.


    • Blogs are convenient for displaying and sharing your creative work, including short stories, poetry, photography and other visual works. If you leave comments enabled in WordPress, visitors can offer public feedback on your work. You can also install third-party WordPress plugins to create a photo gallery especially for showcasing photography on your blog, for more sophisticated functionality than the standard gallery feature.


    • Create a blog to keep the world abreast of your latest research or academic work. Blogs may also be useful in some situations for collaboration, especially for teachers and professors wishing to disseminate information to students. A high school teacher could create a blog for posting homework assignments and classroom activities, for example. Writing about research and other academic work on a blog increases its visibility, making it easier for you to receive insightful feedback and connect with other scholars.

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