How to Limit the Weeds in Your Lawn

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When you create the perfect conditions for growing a green lawn, you are also paving the way for weeds of all shapes and sizes to grow alongside your Bermudas, bluegrasses and fescues, to name a few grass varieties.
Fortunately, there are many ways with which to limit weed growth in your lawn.
Use Weed Killers You should use both systemic and contact types to control all types of weeds in your lawn.
The systemic types act by causing the plant to outgrow itself to the point that it cannot sustain further growth and dies in on itself.
The contact types are the simplest in that burns the weeds upon contact.
When applying either of these weeds killers, you must ensure that the weeds are in their growth stages, not in their dormant phases.
Also, you have to ensure that the weed killers are pet and children-friendly.
You want to avoid allergic reactions to them since a green lawn is not worth it if and when your green dollars are flying out the window on hospital bills.
Control Soil pH Keep in mind that weeds grown on soil so it is only logical that controlling the soil's pH is important in their control.
Lawn weeds grow in soils with 6.
5 pH and lawn grasses grow at a slightly lower pH.
Thus, maintaining the right pH level for the lawn grasses will mean that the weeds will have lesser chances to propagate out of hand.
Wise Watering Your watering method should ensure that the lawn is soaked through once a week during the summer instead of on a light basis daily.
This is because weeds thrive on shallow watering than in deep levels.
Fit Feeding You must also keep to a schedule of feeding fertilizers to the lawn grass.
The best way is to feed the fertilizers in smaller quantities in a more frequent manner especially after cutting the grass.
This is because the lawn grass can become weaker, thus, leading to thinner cover.
In turn, more weeds can grow between the gaps.
With these tips in mind, you can control your weeds in the lawn instead of the weeds controlling your lawn.
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