How to Build Home Exercise Equipment

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    • 1). Stand between the sawhorses with their top surfaces about 5 inches from shoulder width. You may have to stagger the bases of the sawhorses to get proper position.

    • 2). Place your hands in a dip position on the sawhorses' top surfaces. Then, place each door handle in your desired hand position spot on the sawhorses.

    • 3). Mark each door handle eyelet with the pencil. Drill with the appropriately sized bit, according to the eyelet size. Screw in the screws to attach the handles to the sawhorses.

    • 4). If desired, wrap the handles with standard athletic tape. This allows for a stronger grip surface as well as providing a degree of comfort.

    • 5). If your floor is concrete, stand the sawhorses on the rubber mats or chock their legs to prevent sliding when performing dips. Set cinder blocks on either side of the legs of the sawhorses to anchor them and keep the equipment from folding up. Secure a brace board between the legs to keep them spread, if the cinder blocks are not sufficient.

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