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2014 will soon be behind us, and that means we need to set our sights on web design trends which will be huge in 2015. Based on expert insight and predictions, let's see which web design trends will be after the hottest in the upcoming year:

Responsive Web Design

One design trend for websites that has cemented its place is responsive the web design. Regardless of whether you've made the shift, responsive web design is here to stay. Eventually, you will have to make your peace with it, as it will remain strong throughout the next year too. Responsive web design allows easy navigation and reading across different devices such as mobile phones to desktops.

Trust Badges

One of the most crucial aspects after establishing your online store is to build trust with visitors. Trust badges are another important web trend that is here to stay and one, which you should implement. Trust badges including symbols of McAfee SECURE,, and the Better Business Bureau reflect a secure website to client that it can trust for information security among other things.


With more focus on typography for websites, typography is becoming bigger and designers' skills will now be put to test. The larger typography trend is expected to pick up momentum in 2015, with more affordable type kits now available for use, enabling more flexibility in typography themes and styles for websites.

Beautiful Background Images and Videos

Another hit trend, which is predicted in web design for 2015, is large and beautiful background images and videos. A key and simplistic technique to make your website stand out from the crowd in the following year will be to use great content and display it prominently in the background of the website. It can help create a powerful and elegant style without overpowering the theme.

Card Design

Although card design is not a new trend, it will remain popular in 2015. It provides simple and elegant flexibility to the reader all the while scrolling below for more detail. Cards help keep website information organized in columns, and a lot of general data becomes easy to navigate for the user. It's a simple tool that offers a lot of versatility.

With some of these web design trends predicted to remain popular in 2015, which ones do you consider most important for your website?

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