Save Money on Wedding Invitations

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Some of the very first things that you will list among those involving expenditure, are the wedding invitations apart from your wedding ring.
On one hand you want your invitations to be unique, classy and of good quality, while on the other hand, you will probably also look to save as much money as possible on them.
Well, everyone does that, so, here are some tips to manage your invitations in a way that you can afford them as well as impress your family and friends too.
First and foremost, keep your guest list as small as possible.
The more people you add to your invitation list, the more the number of invitations you are going to send, which in turn means more expenses.
Therefore, take time to create a list of selected guests in order to have all your close relatives and friends included without offending anyone, and without compromising your budget.
It is always better to pre-inform some of your close relatives and friends about your wedding, so that you can get a fair estimate of the number of people who will be able to make it to your wedding party.
For those guests who will not be able to attend your wedding in time, you can send less expensive alternative invitations, so that they can keep a reminder of your special day.
Keep in mind, the more the people you invite, the more the number of invitations you need to send them.
The more the people attend your wedding, the more will be your expenses.
There is nothing wrong in leaving few guests when you can have a private ceremony too.
So, choose wisely, when it comes to preparing a guest list for sending invitations.
Opt for making your own invitations.
If you are creative enough or know exactly how your invitations should look like, you can opt for making your invitations on your own too.
It also adds a personal touch to every invitation making them more special and unique.
This way, you can save enough money too to spend it on other important things.
You can always ask you friends and family members for a helping hand saving you more time for yourself and money on labor too.
Another way to look for designs and help is to search online for unique wedding invitation templates and you can always follow them or get some inspiration from them.
Try using less paper and ink.
It is not necessary to have an invitation that should be two-three pages long, instead try keeping it as short and concise as possible without swaying away from your traditional invitation style so that it should look like a proper invitation too.
It will also save you money and its conciseness will impart it a classy and sophisticated look.
You can add you ring-ceremony or your fiancé photos as a backdrop to impart it a unique and personal look.
Use single ink and keep the borders to minimum.
The purpose is, to make those invitations look unique, tasteful, and interesting enough for your guests to attend the ceremony without costing you much.
You can spend the saved money on some fabulous dress and a great party that your guests will be remembering until the end
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