How to Program a 2001 GMC Jimmy Key Fob

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    • 1). With the key fob in hand, sit in the Jimmy with the doors closed. .

    • 2). Insert the key in the ignition column. Leave it in the "Off" position.

    • 3). Press the "Unlock" button on the door panel. Hold the button down.

    • 4). Turn the key between "Off" and "On" twice. End with the key in "Off." Let go of the "Unlock" button on the door panel.

    • 5). Listen for the doors to lock. If you don't hear them lock, start over; you've done something wrong.

    • 6). Push the "Lock" and "Unlock" buttons on the key fob. Hold the buttons down for about 30 seconds. You'll hear the doors lock and unlock when the key fob is programmed to the Jimmy.

    • 7). Turn the key to "On" then to "Off" to exit the key fob programming mode.

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