How to Build an Insulated Cat House for Feral Cats

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      Feral cats need shelter.cats image by Vaida from

      Acquire some free Styrofoam packing cases from a restaurant. Fish and meats come in these packing cases, so rinse them out thoroughly. Choose the size based on how many feral cats you want to shelter. A small case may only shelter one or two. If you're sheltering several cats, make several shelters. Cats will scratch Styrofoam, so line the insides of the cases with contact paper.

    • 2). Use a saucer or something similar to draw a 6- to 8-inch hole in one end of the case, then saw out the hole. Using duct tape, wrap the edges of the hole. Some feral cats feel more secure with an additional hole for an exit, but in winter, two holes would allow in too much cold air.

    • 3). Use silicone adhesive and a caulking gun to secure the cover to the case. Make the bottom of the case become the roof by turning the case upside down. Paint the outside of the shelter brown or green to blend in with its surroundings.

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      Young feral kittens can be tamed and socialized.kittens image by Katrina Miller from

      Fill the inside of the case about half full with straw so that the cats can snuggle into the insulation. Repeat with each shelter. This provides sufficient shelter for most climates, but if your climate is very cold, wrap the shelter in additional insulation or a blanket. However, do not use a blanket or any other similar material that will absorbl water inside the shelter. Wrap and tape a plastic bag around the shelter to keep water out.

    • 5). Place the shelter where is not observable from the street or by your neighbors, such as among bushes.

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