I Lost My Fat Chubby Tummy and Fit Right Into My Wedding Gown

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One common dream that most women have is to have a beautiful wedding with the man she loves. That everything will be perfect from the wedding gown, wedding program, to the wedding photographs. This was true with me, when it was my time to get married, I wanted everything to be just right, but this almost did not happen, because I couldn’t fit into my wedding gown a week before my wedding, since I gained a lot of weight and a fat chubby tummy. The gown couldn’t be repaired because it would mean re-doing it all over again.

My sister suggested that I find a readymade gown that would fit my size, to solve my problem. She mentioned a nearby wedding gown store for me to check it out, but I refused to do this, because the wedding gown that I had my fashion designer friend, Liz, do, was the gown I have always dreamed to wear to my own wedding. I had Liz take an inspiration from the wedding gown of Grace Kelly when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco. Ever since I saw that gown when I was still high school, I told myself that I would wear a wedding gown just like that when I get married someday.

Unlike my sister, my fiancé did not urge me to search for a new wedding gown. Instead, he encouraged me to find a way to get rid of my chubby tummy and excess weight I gained in a week’s time. One of the things I love about my fiancé is his positive attitude. He always find something positive in the most negative things - I loved that he was optimistic that I can do something to make myself wear the gown that was too snug on me.

While searching for a diet online that would make me drop 5 lbs in a week, I came across a website about How to Lose Belly Fat. I kept on reading because losing the fat on my belly is one of my goals, since my wedding gown is fitted in that area. On the said website, I learned that some Abs Workout exercises that I know is not really an effective way to have a flat stomach. Maybe it’s the reason why that even if I made daily crunches a week before my wedding gown fitting, I still had my fat chubby tummy.

From the website I found about losing belly fat, I was directed to a program by famous fitness professional, Mike Geary. The program, TruthAboutAbs, does not only focuses on eliminating fat in the belly area, but losing weight in general. I made a leap of faith and tried the program. Just a day on the program, I felt lighter already. Just imagine how happy I looked when my wedding gown fit perfectly on me a day before my wedding day. Everything fell right into place after all, and I got the wedding I have always dreamed of. To learn more of the program I used to lose weight and my fat chubby tummy [http://chubbytummy.org/], click here.
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