Teen Modelling - Advice For Parents

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Modelling can be a fantastic early career to help young people build their confidence and develop important skills.
If your child is interested in becoming a model it is natural that you will be concerned for their welfare.
You will want to make sure that you understand the teen modelling industry in order to help your child to prepare for the ups and downs of becoming a teenage model.
Although looks and body shape are important in being a model, a good personality and confidence are also vital in order to enjoy success with modelling agencies.
The industry is highly competitive, with nearly 3/4 of all teen modelling agency applications being rejected.
By encouraging your child to be positive and confident you will help them to deal with any rejections they face as they start looking for work as a teenage model.
As well as being their legal guardian and chaperone for any teenage model work they may get, your most important role will probably be providing emotional support.
Teen Modelling - The Facts Becoming a model can be incredibly lucrative if you enjoy a good degree of success.
If your child were to gain regular modelling work, they could earn anything from between £500 and £4000 annually, depending on the sort of modelling contracts that they obtain.
If your child acquires jobs from a teen modelling agency, expect to pay them between 10 and 20% from your model's contract fee in commission.
If your prospective teenager is under the age of 16, child licensing laws will be applicable.
A good teen agency will respect these laws and will help you to organise the necessary license required for your child to work as a teenage model.
Either yourself or another legal guardian will always be required to be present on any teen modelling jobs that your child attends - some teen modelling agencies may even extend this rule until the 'child' is actually in their early 20s.
Sharing Your Child's Teenage Model Life Another thing that you'll need to be aware of as the parent of a teenage model, is that travelling is unavoidable.
Whether it's attending teen modelling castings or travelling to contracts that have already been secured, you will find that you may have to travel to different cities, parts of the country or, for a successful teenage model, perhaps even to locations abroad.
Travel does not come cheap, but do bear in mind that if the costs are not covered by the modelling agency, any expenses and costs incurred can be deducted from your tax bill.
There are some very positive benefits to sharing the life of a teenage model with your child - your relationship will grow as you will be sharing an interest and a goal together.
You will be able to watch as your child develops into a successful and confident model and matures as a young person.
Many aspiring teens find that in their later teens, the money that they earn from teen jobs can help to provide an additional income to help them while studying in further or higher education.
Their experiences as a teenage model will also help them to develop organisation skills, decision-making abilities and social skills from meeting a variety of new people and having to adapt to new situations on each modelling job.
In all, the life of a teenage model can be a happy one for both parent and child.
Offer your support, keep them safe and enjoy watching as their teen modelling career blossoms.
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