How to Use 4WD in the 2000 Jeep Cherokee

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    • 1). Grasp the transfer case shifter on your Jeep with your right hand, and then lift your foot off the gas pedal slightly as you drag the shifter from the 2WD position to the 4WD position. Place your foot on the gas and continue on your way.

    • 2). Slow you Jeep if you encounter roads or conditions that require more traction. Once the Jeep has slowed to two or three miles per hour, grasp the transfer case shifter with your right hand again and drag the shifter back through the N or neutral position and into 4L.

    • 3). Drive the Jeep normally in 4L while limiting your speed to less than 35 mph to avoid damaging the transfer case of the Jeep. When you no longer need the traction of 4L, slow to 2 to 3 mph and shift the transfer case from 4L through neutral and into the 4H position.

    • 4). Drive in 4H until it is no longer needed, and then grasp the transfer case shifter and move it from 4H to 2WD while letting off the gas slightly as you shift. Continue driving normally in two-wheel drive.

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