How to Use Article Marketing to Make Money

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The secrets to earning money online is knowing how to drive quality traffic to your website, positioning yourself as an expert on your chosen niche (so you can earn the trust of your potential client), and obtaining great page ranking to make your website highly searchable online.
You can achieve all of these by learning and perfecting the art of article marketing.
Here's how you can make money with article marketing: 1.
Do a keyword research.
Keyword suggestion tools are some of your best allies when writing article for online users.
These tools can help you easily figure out the most popular and most searched terms within your chosen niche, giving you an idea on what exact information do your potential clients are looking for.
If your audience are constantly keying in "bagless vacuum", you'll know right away that they need information about these products.
You can write articles that can offer tips and techniques on how your potential clients can find the best bagless vacuum in the market today.
Deliver only quality articles.
This is one element of article marketing that you cannot afford to sacrifice as your success will largely depend on it.
Exert conscious effort to ensure that you'll be able to give your readers highly informative, useful, and well-written content.
This is not only to give them great reading experience but also to convince them to click on your resource box so you can easily convert them to potential clients.
Write more.
You can earn more inbound links, improve your page ranking, and increase your sales potential if you multiply the number of your articles.
If you love writing and if you have time to spare, I suggest that you spend at least 5-6 hours in front of your computer so you can produce at least 5-10 articles on a daily basis.
If you'd rather have somebody to do this legwork for you, you can hire several ghostwriters from various freelancing sites.
Use a compelling resource box.
Your main goal in using article marketing is to get online users to click on your resource box and compel them to give your site a visit.
So, it is very important that you make your resource box sound very enticing and compelling.
You may tell your readers ahead of time the kind of information that awaits them or offer them exciting freebies like ebooks and reports to boost your conversion rate.
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