5 Ideas for Winter Birthday Celebrations That Don"t Involve Christmas

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As you may know, holding birthday celebrations for young children in your own home can be stressful.
When it is cold outside, your celebration ideas may be somewhat limited as it is too cold for the kids to play outside.
If your kids have winter birthdays, you may be concerned about both your mental state and the state of your home after having a group of young children over for a birthday party, here are five ideas to help you.
The Classic Slumber Party For an inexpensive celebration that is guaranteed to delight your child and their friends, a slumber party is a great choice.
However, the key to keeping your stress levels low is to keep the guest list low as well.
Allow your child to invite no more than three kids, maximum.
The best advantage of the slumber party is that it does not really disrupt your life that much.
The kids still play, everyone sits down to dinner, and then afterwards everyone can do something fun, such as bake a dessert or watch a movie.
Family Brunch and Outing For a simple birthday party, consider inviting a few friends, or even their whole families, over for a brunch and an outing.
This is a great option because it allows both the adults and the children an opportunity to socialize.
Everyone can simply bring a dish they know and have a specialty for, and no one has to stress out about preparing a big meal.
Consider next going to see some live entertainment for the whole family, or some other fun family activity.
Do It Yourself Group Party If your child is requesting that their entire class come along on this birthday party, it can be done, no matter how impossible it may seem.
You might want to enlist the help of a good friend or the parent of another child to gather and organize materials.
When it comes to food, remember that cold foods can be prepared in advance and readily served.
While parties at home are warm and cozy, you might consider renting a venue to gain more space for your celebration.
Low Cost Entertainment Finding entertainment for your celebration does not have to break your budget.
In fact, one pair of enterprising sisters planned a party using hair tinsel and a jewelry making party.
With a little creativity, you are guaranteed to find entertainment and activities to delight everyone on the invite list.
Live Entertainers With a little searching, you are bound to find the perfect birthday party activity or venue for your child and their friends.
Many of these, such as a renaissance fair or Middle Ages exhibition, are not only fun but educational.
Your children will love being transported to another time to see how people once lived.
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