The Best Home Remedies for Cellulite

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    Healthy Lifestyle

    • The most natural way to combat cellulite is to control what you eat and how you live. Although pregnancy, age and genetics can play a part in the appearance of cellulite, an unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, obesity, slow metabolism, hormonal changes and dehydration can also cause cellulite. The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests eating a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fiber. It also suggests exercising regularly to keep muscles toned, staying hydrated with lots of fluids and maintaining a healthy weight to reduce cellulite.

    Using Coffee Grounds

    • Caffeine has been used in a number of cellulite-busting products with the theory that caffeine can reduce fat and promote fat metabolism. According to Dr. Ava Shamban, an assistant professor of dermatology at UCLA, caffeine works by plumping up the skin, thereby creating a smoother skin texture. She notes that there is no conclusive evidence as to its effectiveness but suggests that caffeine may be used as a temporary means for cellulite reduction. Home remedies using coffee grounds work on the same principle. Simply brew coffee and collect the coffee grounds and use them to massage the affected area. You can add vegetable oil to lessen the friction when massaging. To further allow the caffeine to penetrate skin, you can then wrap coffee grounds around the affected areas with cellophane wrap for 30 minutes.

    Essential Oils

    • Essential oils are commonly used to improve blood circulation and get rid of water retention and toxins. Some essential oils are more effective than others in getting rid of cellulite. Examples include juniper, rosemary, grapefruit, cypress, geranium, lavender and lemon. These essential oils can be used individually or combined to use when massaging an affected area. Not only is a massage relaxing, it helps to smooth skin tone and make the cellulite less visible.


    • Brushing the affected area for 10 minutes with a soft brush may lessen cellulite appearance as well. Use a gentle, circular brushing motion to remove dead skin cells and promote blood circulation. According to Natural Home Remedies, brushing also helps to open clogged lymphatic ducts to encourage lymphatic circulation. Improved blood circulation helps to prevent cellulite buildup.

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