Easy Ways to Build a Computer

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    Sourcing the Parts

    • This is easily the most difficult part of building a custom computer. Purchase a case, motherboard, video card, random access memory, sound card and possible networking peripherals. This part of assembling a computer can be somewhat difficult, as you need to ensure that all of the parts are compatible and easily assembled into a system. If you purchase the motherboard first, use the motherboard specifications to determine the compatibility requirements for all of the other computer parts.

    The Motherboard

    • When you've moved on to assembling the computer, this part usually goes quickly. The most important part is to ensure that you install the motherboard into the case securely. Most cases come with "feet" on which to mount the motherboard. It's essential that you match the feet up precisely with the mounting holes on the motherboard. Extra feet that don't match the motherboard holes can cause an electrical short on the motherboard.

    Installing Peripherals

    • This is probably the least challenging part of assembling a computer. Insert the peripherals into their designated slots. The motherboard manual provides explicit directions detailing what goes where. These instructions vary from motherboard to motherboard. If you're feeling confident and understand peripheral cards, complete this step by sight. Most computer components generally only fit into the correct slots.

    Case Mods and Further Projects

    • If you're artistically inclined, a large artistic community has sprung up around "case modding." At a basic level, artists typically add windows to their cases to make the internals visible and tube lighting to the inside of the case. Competitive case modders go so far as to make computers that look like their favorite television characters, cars or other vehicles.

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