How to Petition to the Court in British Columbia

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    • 1). Place at the top-right of the document "No." followed by an blank line. Below it, insert another blank line ending with "Registry". These will be later filled in by the BC courts.

    • 2). Insert the phrase, "IN THE SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA" in all capital letters, using a bold font. Place the heading below the "No." and "Registry" lines in the center of the document.

    • 3). Include the word "BETWEEN" in capital, bold lettering below the heading, situated to the left of the page. Name the party seeking the petition below it. Under the name, insert the word "PETITIONER(S)" to the right of the page in bold, capital letters. Place "AND:" to the left of the page, aligned with "BETWEEN".

    • 4). Insert the name of the opposing party below "AND:", then place the word "RESPONDENT(S)" aligned to the right of the page. Put the word in all caps and in bold.

    • 5). Type "PETITION TO THE COURT" in the center of the document below the word "RESPONDENT(S)" in bold, capital letters. Followed by "THIS IS THE PETITION OF:", aligned to the left of the page. Name the petitioner and his address.

    • 6). Include "ON NOTICE TO:" on the left side, followed by the names and addresses of all opposing parties.

    • 7). Insert sections that state the time and notice of appearance, as well as the time of response to the petition particular to the situation (See Resources). Sign and date the petition and file it with the British Columbia court.

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