Kofi Annan and His Fellow Colleagues Work Towards Saving This Planet!

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Global warming claims around three lakh lives every year.
This shows enough evidence to prove how it is increasing at an alarming rate.
The climatic changes have claimed the lives of not just human but also other rare species in the planet.
If the temperature increases at this rate, very soon the glaciers will start melting down bringing the world to an end.
We must do some thing about this! There's a call to all young delegates to participate in the international summit of one young world.
Kofi Annan, Arch Bishop Desmund Tutu will act as counsellors and guide the young potential leaders to address the pressing issues of this world such as global health, international business, media and environment, political leadership, inter faith dialogue etc.
There would be a resolution drafted out which would then be presented before the United Nations Organisation.
Create awareness of the global issues Draft out a solution to solve this Guide young leaders to address the pressing world issues Find an alternate source of energy If we can find an alternate source of energy, there is an easy way out to reduce the carbon di oxide emission.
Climate change is expected to have the most severe impact on water supplies too.
We need potential leaders to work on these global issues so that the future generation does not suffer from bad health.
Eco system has to be kept in good condition so that its dependents such as plants, animals and other living creatures will live in peace.
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