Ruined Rural Economy - India Have We Part 2

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"The soul of Indian growth lies in the heart of villagers; and India can only grow, when our villages prosper" Finance Minister, Mr P Chidambaram is once again going to present his fourth successive budget for unfortunate common man and fortunate middle and businessmen.
All his previous budgets, after having bled the common men through their noses,had resuscitated blood in the rich conglomeration of leaders and business community.
The sky rocking prices of common commodities have broken the backbone of honest of the honest citizen of this country.
I do not understand as to how these leaders have slept over these years with mind boggling prices hike in their air conditioned rooms; when over 13% nearly 130 million Indian are sleeping with half filled tummies at night or with one time meal a day.
As rising crime graph is directly attributed to the rising prices of essential commodities, I find no reason for our leaders to look towards west to solve our economic needs.
I am going to discuss the devastating effect on our future agricultural economy in general and destruction of entire rural society in particularly.
First, I am pained to say that the snake of well planned and coordinated crusade launched three decades earlier against Indian farmers is raising its dangers hood to sting barefooted farmers in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and many other states in the country.
People of India would be surprised to know that most of the original basic seed varieties, suitable for Indian continent, have been very tactfully made to vanish from the country in just last two and a half decades of so-called Liberal Economic Policies of MM-PC (Man Mohan-P Chidambaram) duo.
You will not find any original Indian variety of pulses, rice, wheat, sugarcane and other vegetables available in the country toady.
The red wheat, Ratna Basmati, Bhura Chhuna (Brown Gram), chhotti Moat (small Rajmah), Mattri (small peas) and many other native varieties have more or less disappeared altogether.
Infact all these varieties, I have named, had many medicated values and were used in curing people from primary stomach ailments.
The Mattri paste was one of the best medicines to cure any type of skin diseases by my father.
Killing of Indian farmers on hybrid cotton seed controversy in the country is still fresh in our farmer's memoirs.
How brutally the Rajasthan police had suppressed peaceful farmer's movement last years for demanding legitimate right of water to irrigate their fields is not hidden from the rest of the world.
How our think tanks would be addressing the ever increasing problems of country's farmers hunger and unemployment is a debatable issue.
I am sure that the changing visualized thrust of present government is not going to make any notable contribution in alleviating their problems.
Secondly whom should we blame for the appalling and deplorable plights of our disintegrating agricultural economy? Indians would be surprised to know that most of the edible food grains and vegetable varieties have been patented by others.
The battle of Indians to patent Basmati in last few years is not hidden from citizens.
Today, the changing stances of Indian Government on various World Trade Organization proposal favoring Western nations have really made Indian farmers beggars.
Now days, Indian farmers have to buy every thing fertilizer, seeds, water, electricity, insecticides and what not to harvest their crops.
Infact our national bank loan policies have truly speaking became the real cause of ruining Indian rural economy.
The rising suicide's rates of poor farmers speak about the sincerity of all State Governments and the Government of India.
How India's Agricultural Minister Mr Sharad Pawar reacted to the recent suicide reports in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh speaks about our leaders' sincerity in tackling the agro problem at grass root level.
He was more committed in fighting a cricket pitch battle to become chairman of Cricket Board rather than devoting time for poor farmers.
It will not be a simile if I say that most of our elders, after seeing fifty years of rule of Indian's repeatedly Say "we were better under the British rule than today".
They say that British had honesty to do things but we are having the most careless, negligent, visionless, slipshod and lackadaisical bunch of leaders now days? Thirdly, I will discuss the worst effect of duos liberal bank loans.
Why our PM has forgotten that he was a banker and the loan is a death trap for simple and pious Indian farmers.
The hype with which these loans were distributed by corrupt people, the farmer had actually got very little to utilize but he was forced to repay heavy returns for middleman's commission.
I too remember that my father had taken rupees 4000 so call interest free loan from bank on none other than Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister's announcement but when his government lost power after five years, the banks employees landed at our doors with rupees 10000 recovery notice refund or threat to seal the house.
We, the family of seven siblings sacrificed one time meal for over three years to return the loan.
All the bank and ruling party swindlers had walked away with a larger share of booty but ultimately hungry children suffered.
There was a time when our elders did decide to commit suicide with entire family, but being religious they followed supreme God's will as their fortune.
How brazenly our political leaders have pushed over 15000 farmers into debt trap is difficult to analyzed by simple Indian farmers.
Infact, the State government had secret deal with banks to siphon large share of funds to their party coffin from such loans and also recover loans after party had failed to return to the power.
The homicide politics of human corpses is still being followed by our leaders.
Fourthly, by and large, we Indian have become immune to such suicides of inconsequential farmers.
Once again after five decades of Independences, I would as to how Indian farmers are going to suffer? One, all the ingredients of agriculture have been controlled to be procured at very high rates.
These bunches of middlemen, with active connivance of corrupt government official, get together and send food grain market prices crashing down to bare minimum prices near each harvesting season to buy food grains at very nominal charges.
The unfortunate farmer at this time is transiting through very crucial phase and he has to sell his produce at throw away prices to make his two ends meet.
The poor cultivator is faced with four critical stages of crop schedule management; one, he had to repay loans or other debts taken during the crop growing period; two, prepare fields again for next crop cycle and buy seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and land ploughing equipment; three, to keep enough reserve to sustain his family for next six months lean period till new crop is ready to harvest; and four meet various social obligations from meager earning for which he waits for year to year.
How our middlemen had interwoven this vicious cycle of plunder, loot and pillage of Indian farmers is not hidden from our political leaders.
The government of India cannot pay rupees 100 hike to own farmers but can afford to buy third grade food grains and wheat stuff at exorbitant rates from abroad.
Our Government can afford throwing of tens of thousand tons of Tomatoes in the South and onion in Maharashtra into sea but can not create market for own farmers.
Fifthly, I would suggest that India's prosperity lies in the villages, and if our country had to grow, our farmers have to grow.
There is no doubt in mind in recording that the soul of Indian growth lies in the heart of villagers; and India can only grow, when our villages prosper.
Our think tank has to address collective and individual farming sector from grass root levels.
In my next article, I would make an endeavour to recommend measures as to how to tackle agro sector.
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