How to Ship a Sewing Machine in a Cabinet

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    • 1). Open the sewing machine cabinet doors and compartments. Use painter's tape to secure any loose items within the compartments. Place the painter's tape over the items, such as hardware.

    • 2). Fill in any open areas with packaging bubble wrap. This will further secure the sewing machine parts and protect them during shipping.

    • 3). Close the sewing machine cabinet doors and compartments that you opened in step one. Envision the sewing machine cabinet in thirds. Wrap a piece of painter's tape around the top, middle and lower sections of the sewing machine cabinet.

    • 4). Lock the sewing machine cabinet, using the keys that came with it. Tape the keys to the outside of the cabinet near the lock. This will ensure the doors don't pop open during transit.

    • 5). Wrap each of the sewing machine cabinet legs with bubble wrap. Tape the bubble wrap to secure it in place.

    • 6). Measure the height and width of the sewing machine cabinet. Write down the measurements to get the appropriate size shipping carton.

    • 7). Buy or use a cardboard box that will fit the dimensions of the sewing machine cabinet.

    • 8). Lift the sewing machine cabinet and turn it upside down. Set the upside down equipment into the shipping cardboard box.

    • 9). Fill the box with packing peanuts. Close the shipping box. Tape all seals on the box with packaging tape. Wrap the box with additional strips of packaging tape between the seals.

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      Address a ship-to address label to the destination person and location with a permanent marker. Address a return address label with your address. Place the ship-to address label on the shipping box in the center of one side. On the same side, place the return address label on the top left corner.

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      Put the box in your vehicle. Take it to a local shipping service, such as the US Post Office or UPS. Have the box weighed. Pay the fees.

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