Hairstyles With Crimped Humps

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    Long and Loose

    • Letting hair fall long and loose is one of the best way to show off a mane full of crimps. Depending on how much hair you have to work with, the process of crimping an entire head of hair can be quick or time consuming. Work some mousse or styling gel into dry, straight hair, and then use clips to pull half of the hair to one side. Pull one-inch pieces of hair out and run a heated crimping iron through the strand for 20 seconds, continuing until the entire head is crimped.

    Half Up

    • Pulling half of your hair up to the crown of the head is an ideal way to show of crimped humps of hair while still controlling the locks and keeping them out of your face. You can take already crimped hair and brush half of it back towards the crown of your head, securing with a hair tie or clip. Add some braids along the scalp for more definition of the crimps, and make sure it all stays in place with a healthy does of hairspray or hair gel.


    • A crimped updo is an edgy way to combine a trendy look with a classic style. Pulling crimped hair into a twist or bun at the back of the head will leave hair full and stylish, while still looking clean and professional. The crimped humps of the locks will still be visible along the hairline and at the scalp, even though the majority of the hair will be twisted back. Pull some locks of hair out of the bun around your face to show off a few of the pretty crimps.

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