Gardening and Pruning Bushes

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    • The right tools for the right job make pruning your bushes go faster. Gloves, short-handled clippers, long-handled clippers and a saw are some tools you need when pruning bushes. Always wear gloves to protect your hands from cuts, scrapes and stabs. Use the short- or long-handled clippers, depending on where you are cutting. Saw branches of your bushes if the stems are too thick for clippers.


    • The appropriate time to prune varies from bush to bush, but a good rule of thumb is after blooming in the fall or late winter or early spring to encourage new growth. Prune most berry bushes in January to March, depending your climate. Prune the branches of berry bushes that are not productive.


    • Cut off any diseased or damaged areas of the bush. If a bush has a broken branch, cut just below the break. Cut diseased branches down as far as possible without killing the rest of the bush. Prune bushes if you want to keep it to a certain height or shape. Many tourist gardens have bushes in different shapes. Prune your bushes to a shape that fits with your home and the surrounding landscaping. If your bush is lopsided, prune a little more on the lesser side. This stimulates those branches to grow more and catch up with the stronger side of the bush.

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