How to Repaint Wrought Iron

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    • 1). Wire brush the surfaces of wrought iron, either with a hand-held brush or a wire brush attachment for a drill. Remove all loose and flaking paint in the crevices and carvings using a scraper and/or small wire brushes.

    • 2). Use sandpaper to smooth rough edges and clean rust where the paint has already flaked off. It is not necessary to remove all the paint if it is still adhered securely.

    • 3). Clean all surfaces with rags and paint thinner, changing to clean rags often. Remove all dust and dirt. Allow to dry. Wipe all surfaces with a tack rag.

    • 4). Apply a rust inhibitor to all surfaces, being sure to get it into all the crevices and carvings. Rust inhibitor bonds with the surface and prevents any rust from reappearing.

    • 5). Apply metal primer either by spraying or brushing on. Allow to dry the amount of time suggested by the manufacturer on the product packaging.

    • 6). Spray or brush on one to three coats of the finish paint, allowing to dry between coats.

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