How to Heat up a Can of Comstock Apples

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    • 1). Open the can of comstock apples with a can opener and pour the entire contents of the can into a medium-size pot. If the apples were packed in syrup, scrape the inside of the can with a spoon to gather the syrup. Hold the spoon over the pot and tap the handle of the spoon on the edge of the pot so that the syrup falls into the pot.

    • 2). Turn the oven on a medium to medium-high setting. Stir the apples every one to two minutes while heating is taking place to prevent scorching.

    • 3). Stir the apples constantly when the syrup mixture or water begins to boil. If the mixture or water is rapidly boiling, and the heat is set to a medium-high setting, you may want to reduce it to a medium setting to keep it from burning.

    • 4). Mix the apples continuously for one to two minutes more before removing from the heat.

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