Top Pay-per-click Campaigns And Google Ad Sense

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Fighting to compete within the ever so changing Internet world is causing businesses to use every marketing tool available. From viral marketing to keyword analysis, every aspect helps a company in the long run. One of the most important means of improving web site ranking is a term known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Hundreds of PPC services are available, but managing them is normally a difficult task.
Pay-Per-Click is defined as a bid, placed on a keyword advertisement, which is swiftly charged each time a visitor clicks the advertisement. So, each time a potential customer or viewer clicks on a business's ad, the business then has to pay the PPC provider. The main goal of a PPC program is to drive traffic to a site.

Top 5 Pay-Per-Click Companies
* Google
* Yahoo
* Myspace
* Facebook

Google Ad Sense is a product of Google that places advertisement on your Website when visitor clicks an ad you will earn per click. Now Ad Sense is free to join if you want people to continue to visit your Website and click on ads, you have to have new content. If you leave the same old information, you will not have many loyal visitors.

There is a lot of talk about people making much money using Google's Ad Sense program. Quick, attractive and very easy to use, this money making program is very reputable, fair, and constant.

The Website owner gets a piece of code under Google Ad Sense program. You can show it on your Website at any place that you like; your income depends on it that how many surfers came to your site and clicks on those advertisements. This program depends on CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mille)

Google could not tell you how much income you get per click. Your income depends on this that the advertisers have given how much money to the Google for the advertisement. Probably this money may be between $0.05 to $12 per click. Google will not issue an Ad Sense payment until your earnings exceed $100.

Therefore the income from Google Ad Sense has the following simple method.

* There should be increased traffic on your site.
* Your income could be as much as many visitors came to your site.
* The visitors who came to your site must click on the Ad.

Some keywords as for examples make money, M.P.3, Debt free etc. can give you more money because these are much more searched on the web.

There are some guidelines when you apply for ad sense on the Google.

1. Your Website must be your own top-level domain.
2. Your domain name should be registered before six months.
3 The information, which you have given at the time of registration that should be match with the domain registration.
4. Content should be original.

Do have and Don'ts for ad sense on the Google?

1. Your Content should be original and similar to the topic of your site.
2. Google does not specify a page number requirement but it is good if it is not less than 15 pages.
3. You should read carefully about the guidelines to the Google before you apply.
4. Do not tell your friends, visitors, and anyone to click on your Google ads. Google takes very serious view about this matter.
5. Do not click on your own ads - Google is very alert for this and find out invalid clicks through IP addresses,
6. You can put up to three ad sense units on a page. You can also add two Ad Sense for search boxes and three ad link units.
7. Size and shape of ads for placing on your contents are available. These can be text or image ads or both. You should specify what you would allow. Ad units are full ads. Link units are simply a strip of text links that your visitors might want to click.

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