How to Remove Popcorn From Gums

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    • 1). Moisten the toothbrush with water and use the toothbrush to brush the area. Carefully use strokes that brush away from the gum. For example, if the popcorn is under an upper gum, only use downward brush strokes and if the popcorn is under a lower gum, only use upward brush strokes.

    • 2). Use dental floss in the area to try to dislodge the popcorn from the gum. Try to get as close to the gum line as possible with the floss to work it loose.

    • 3). Poke at the area very gently with the plastic dental pick if the popcorn remains stuck. Use the pick to try to loosen the popcorn kernel and work it out from under the gum.

    • 4). Mix 1 tsp. of salt with 1 cup of warm water and swish the salt water around your mouth to neutralize bacteria after removing the popcorn.

    • 5). Contact your dentist for assistance if you cannot remove the popcorn kernel yourself.

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