How To Get The Best Deals On Excavator Hire

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Excavator hire can be costly, whether you are renting a small unit for use at home or the big, heavy-duty types for serious construction work. With the daily hire costs as high as $150 for a small 0.8 tonne mini excavator and nearly $1000 for the big 5 tonne machines you need to consider the cost-cutting tips outlined here.

The first thing to consider is the hire company to you are going to use. Depending on the size of excavator you need for the project the delivery or shipment costs can make up for a sizeable portion of the overall costs. The nearer the hire company is to you the cheaper their rates are likely to be. This may limit you of course in the machines that are available but the cost-savings will usually be a good incentive, even if you may have to use equipment you are not very familiar with.

To find a tool hire company nearest to where you live you could ask from friends who have used the service before. Alternatively you can use the online resources. Some websites specialize in providing online rental information for all sorts of things and this includes excavator hire. To find a resource like this just type €excavator hire and rental information online€ in any search engine and specify the country.

Another way you can reduce costs is to rent the excavator over the weekend. Most tool hire companies offer reduced rates for the weekend, sometimes as low as 50%. This may mean re-scheduling work on your project to take place over the weekend.

In case work on the project is estimated to take longer than one day you should plan to do it in one long spell, rather than renting the excavator piece-meal, or one day at a time. The rental rates are more pocket-friendly the longer you use the excavator, or any other tool for that matter.

And finally you should get quotations from as many hire companies as are available near the work site and compare their prices. The prices can vary greatly from one company to the next even when they operate from the same street. This is where those online rental resources come in really handy, allowing you to make these comparisons from a distance. Excavator hire doesn't have to break the bank. Use the tips outline here and you can't go wrong.

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