How to Make an Herb Wreath

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    • 1). Bundle unused herbs together. Tie them together with twine 1 inch from the end of the stem. Knot the twine, and tie a loop in it. Make sure the loop is strong enough to hang the herbs. Trim any extra twine.

    • 2). Hang the herbs upside down from a door knob or nail on a wall. Make sure the herbs will not be disturbed while drying. Check on your herbs each day. The drying time will vary depending on the moisture content in the herbs. Once the herbs are dried and no longer flexible, they are ready to use.

    • 3). Lay out all the dried herbs. Group them by type and height. Select a handful of herbs and place them parallel to each other on top of the wreath form. The herbs may not curve with the form; let them stick out. Tie the base of the herbs with twine around the wreath base. Do not cut the twine.

    • 4). Place another grouping of herbs on top of the herbs tied to the wreath form. Stagger the top of the new grouping 2-inches below the top of the first grouping of herbs. Make sure the new grouping is covering the twine that tied the original herbs to the wreath base. Use the twine attached to the wreath base and wrap it around the new herbs and wreath form several times until the herbs feel secure. Repeat this process around the entire wreath circle, consistently moving the in the same direction.

    • 5). When the wreath is near completed and the new layer of herbs have reached the original grouping, slip the stems of the new herbs under the tops of the original herbs so the starting point of the wreath is not apparent. Tie the twine securely on the back of the wreath.

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