Best Way To Travel The World Cheap - Does It Exist?!

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In this article today we're going to go over a often believed misnomer.
Traveling The World, and Cheap.
Can one travel the world cheaply and efficiently? A Often contemplated question.
Most if not all people want to travel on some level.
Sights, sounds, and experiences! It's what makes life worth living! The only drawbacks that stop most are two "little" things.
Time and money.
Now today I'll just be focusing on the second factor that hinders most people, money.
In a future article I will discuss the time variable, but today I ask the question again; can one travel cheaply which may equate to more and more opportunities to travel? The question you need to ask yourself to better help you achieve that answer is HOW do you want to travel? We need to access what kind of traveling you are envisioning.
Are we looking at staying at the finest resorts money can buy or do we want to live like a local? You do have options! Which decision you choose has a outcome on how much you pay, obviously.
That isn't to say you can't have the best of both worlds! Having a wonderful trip while saving some cold hard cash.
Read on to discover the main options you have you may never have known about.
Backpacking Pros: Complete freedom to do as you please.
Cons: Be prepared to live on your feet.
The cheapest option by far.
Simply pick a destination and go! Can be (isn't always) coupled with "Hosteling" (see below).
There's plenty of drawbacks that may be garnered from the average layman.
Such as sleeping outside and possibly no access to utilities for long stretches at a time and the possibility of getting totally lost, but alas, that is part of the thrill of pretending to be an ancient nomad.
Something romantic about that.
And you may see things and learn things about yourself you wouldn't have otherwise! Definitely not recommended for those short on time though.
Getting lost in the wilderness may not bode well with your boss.
Hostels Pros: Usually cheap! Good if you want the "authentic" local experience.
Cons: Some are really seedy and gross! May be out of the way of the real touristy attractions.
Ah Hostels! The financially conservative man's prime choice! Hostel's fuse the cheap and value all into one nicely tied red ribbon package! Live like a local without breaking the bank! What can be wrong with that?! Well besides possibly being out the of way, they can sometimes be seedy and grungy, but beats sleeping on a bench like a backpacker might! I digress, there are actually quite a few nice hostels, but I just want to give both viewpoints so you aren't scared to death when you stay in one and a rat crawls out of that toilet that looks like it hasn't seen a remodel since 1902...
Resorts Pros: Live like a king! Cons: Realize you aren't as rich as one! Resorts...
what more can be said? Beautiful, relaxing, and...
EXPENSIVE! Don't misinterpret! There's nothing wrong with them, just that, without proper planning, one can expect to pay your arm and leg! Plus, with the fancier ones that are gigantic, you'll usually find yourself way out in the middle of nowhere.
More so than Hostels.
Hey, big resorts needs a big properties.
That may be a vibe killer, but most resorts on that caliber have shuttles.
So, don't fret.
Always book in advance with these to lock in the best rates kids.
Bringing along your "bros" to cheapen the sting of that bill isn't a bad idea either! There you have it! In closing, I hope you enjoyed a breakdown of ways to travel and learned a new vehicle to do so you may have never imagined.
Life is short! Try all three at least once! Whichever way you pick, just travel! Until next time! Happy Travels! - Nickey **This article can be freely republished and shared on a website as long as it is not modified in any way including the author's hyperlinks.
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