How to Build an Oil Drum Raft

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    • 1). Inspect each drum to make sure it is free of any holes. To prevent the drums from rusting in the water, apply a coat of rust-resistant enamel to the outside of each drum and allow to dry for 24 hours.

    • 2). Lash your oil drums together side by side. Wrap a rope around the drums and secure with a square knot to hold the drums together tightly. For simple, single-person rafts, you can often go with just two or three drums; however, you can make the raft as large as you want.

    • 3). Place wooden poles above and below the oil drums, in the joint where the drums meet.

    • 4). Lash the top and bottom poles together using rope. This will clamp the barrels between them and keep the barrels in place.

    • 5). Slide the raft into some still, shallow water and test the rigging once it gets wet. Tighten the ropes or re-lash if necessary.

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