How to use Calligraphy Pens

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Understand that good calligraphy writing is based on patterns of ovals and lines. All letters are written with the calligraphy pens using a series of ovals and lines.

Write the lower case letters by starting at the top of the letter. Make sure all of your down strokes in each letter are parallel. There should be even spacing and even white space between each letter. All capital letters should be the same height. Many calligraphers used lined paper to practice or they place lined paper under the paper they are writing on to use as a guide when sliding the pens over the surface of the paper.

Make sure that all of your lower case letters are of the same height. Make sure they connect and look right together. Do not switch letter types or nibs in the center of a word.

Change the nib of the pen for different looks. Your calligraphy set should have a chart stating which marks and techniques can be created using each individual nib.

Practice using the different nibs. A good calligrapher will practice a lot in order to perfect the writing style. Calligraphy takes a lot of time, patience and practice.
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